Personal & Professional Development


The following are samples of the multitude of workshops Michelle can offer. All of her workshops and training are tailored to meet the needs of her clients based on her facilitation skills in education and holistic healing. Please contact Michelle to discuss your requirements and she will develop a proposal specifically for you.


i) Personal Development
Michelle offers training on various areas of personal development for your group or agency. Topics can include:
Understanding Your Energy (Energy 101). A crash course on chakras, energy centres, clearing your energy and how to protect your energy.
Creating the Life You Want. This is usually a 2-day course that offers you practical tips on motivation, goal-setting, self-improvement, and manifestation. It is a great course for when you feel stuck and are looking to be inspired.


ii) Professional Development
Michelle offers training on various areas of professional development for your group or agency. Topics can include:
Understanding How Energy Effects the Workplace. This can be a one-day workshop that takes you through the basics of energy & how it can affect the workplace. We focus on positive and negative effects of energy, such as creating boundaries, and understanding toxic environments Practical tips are given throughout on how to create a sacred space in your workplace, as well as energy protection and clearing.
Understanding Personality Types in the Workplace. This is a one-day workshop that focuses on examining how personality types can influence our work environment on a sub-conscious level. These influences then can create dynamics that may be unhealthy. This workshop teaches you the personality types and uses fun, interactive activities to help you understand workplace dynamics. Some conflict resolution is also taught in this workshop.

Reiki/Energy Work

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese form of healing that involves working with our seven main energy centers or chakras. Through the stresses of daily life, our chakras can at times become unbalances or blocked. This creates an uneven flow of energy through our bodies. Reiki is a modality that can help bring your energy centers back into balance and help create inner peace. It is a safe, non-invasive way to clear any unwanted negative energy and bring your energy centers back into alignment for optimum vital life force.


Reiki Certification
Michelle is a certified Reiki Master and is trained to instruct Reiki Levels I, II & Master. Her reiki training was designed by her sister, Jane Burning ( and herself. It is highly unique as it includes Japanese teachings and history from Usui as well as traditional Haudenosaunee methods of healing and insight on energy connections from our cultural perspectives. Please email Michelle directly for upcoming scheduled training sessions.

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Emotional Freedom Technique

What is EFT?

E.F.T. is a modality that involves working with your meridian points. It is a holistic form of acupressure as we use gentle, rhythmic tapping to tap on the meridian points. This tapping is done, to assist in reframing any negative beliefs one may have.


The practitioner works through various scripts with you, while tapping your meridian points to assist in clearing any outdated beliefs that may be holding you back from reaching your true potential.


E.F.T. is a very effective technique for stress, anxiety, fears or phobias as well as general maintenance of overall health and well-being.


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Quick Remap

What is Quick Remap?
This modality is similar to E.F.T. as it uses acupressure points to clear unblocked energy. It is a great modality when you have a specific issue you are working on, but have been unable to make the connections as to what is the trigger for you. This is because it focuses specifically on the brain and repatterning the brain that stored the information at the point of trauma.


It is a safe, gentle and non-invasive technique that works well in helping people move forward, allowing them to break free from old patterns or triggers.